Anonymous sent: joshie you can read the manga online on mangafox :3 jut google "tokyo ghoul mangafox" you are welcome


Thank you, *leans in close and whispers* Ka-ne-ki Ken. 

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 Zankyou no Terror… I have put you off for far too long… The stars are aligned and I am emotionally ready.

Anonymous sent: friendly reminder that the second season of tokyo kushu comes in january 2015 which is pretty fast and you can always read the manga 。(⌒∇⌒。)

The second season was confirmed and in January no less? whooo! (^∇^。) (Thanks for the tip) :D

I’ve looked for the manga in english but I can’t find it on Amazon, Ebay or my local bookstore… I’ve only been able to find it in German French and Japanese of course. :(

Now that Tokyo Ghoul is over my life is empty…


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Happiness is when the stickers pull cleanly off of a book


It's  been  a  long  time...

Light's Levels Of Emotions ^^ Part 2.